Regular Home Maintenance Service You Might Need

Regular Home Maintenance Service You Might Need

Home requires internal and external maintenance with regular cleanings and inspections to ensure everything is safe and functional.

1. Flooring Maintenance

When stepping into a home, you will first notice the flooring. A badly maintained floor will earn you looks of doubt but a clean and polished flooring will earn you praises.

The floor scrubbing objective is to remove dirt. This is different from floor polishing which is to regain the glossiness of the floor.

2. Wall Maintenance

Unless your house is brand new, your walls have probably seen a fair share of abuse through the years. And if not abuse, at least some normal wear and tear – like holes from hanging pictures and a few inevitable cracks. If you want a fresh coat of non-toxic paint, filling in and hiding all these imperfections we can do a good job for you! 



3. Pipes Maintenance

When washing your hands or using the toilet, leaky taps will definitely catch the wrong kind of attention. Leaky taps and pipes are also a terrible waste of water. Save your embarrassment and water bill by getting them fixed. Not confident of repairing leaky pipes or taps? Call us before your water problem gets worse.




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