• Dengue-free home, keep mosquitoes away

    Dengue-free home, keep mosquitoes away

    Even the tiniest bit of water can serve as a breeding ground for certain mosquitoes. Here’s what you need to do to eliminate them from your home.   With mosquito-borne diseases like dengue on the rise, it becomes important to keep one’s home and surroundings clean. Here’s a quick guide on how you can keep Read more

  • Auspicious Dates for Spring Cleaning 2020

    Auspicious Dates for Spring Cleaning 2020

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    Why Spring Cleaning? The purpose of spring cleaning is to remove the old, spoilt, unwanted and stagnant energy to welcome fresh new energy into your home or office.   When Should We Do The Spring Cleaning? The Chinese usually has this practice of spring cleaning before the Lunar New Year and there are auspicious dates Read more

  • Clean My Refrigerator

    Clean My Refrigerator

    The refrigerator is one of the most important areas to focus on when you’re cleaning your kitchen. Housing both raw and cooked foods as well as drinks and condiments, it’s vital that the appliance is kept clean and hygienic to reduce the risk of food poisoning. However, cleaning the refrigerator isn’t quite as straightforward as Read more