Auspicious Dates For Spring Cleaning 2018

Auspicious Dates For Spring Cleaning 2018

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Why Spring Cleaning?

The purpose of spring cleaning is to remove the old, spoilt, unwanted and stagnant energy to welcome fresh new energy into your home or office.

When Should We Do The Spring Cleaning?

The Chinese usually has this practice of spring cleaning before the Lunar New Year (For year 2018, it will be before 16 Feb 2017 – based on Gregorian Calendar) and there are auspicious dates for guidance. Choose a date that does not clash with any of your family members’s Chinese Zodiac. The indicated dates below are chosen from the Chinese Almanac that is suitable for “辞旧迎新” (sending away the old and usher in the new energy)

What are the things to take note during Spring Cleaning?

  • Getting new cleaning items, like broom, pails, cloths, mop and any others equipments you require.
  • If you have a good year in 2017, you should start to clean from the main entrance and work inwards your house.
  • If you have a bad year in 2017, you should begin cleaning from the most inner part of your house and all the way out of the main door to remove all negative energy that has been accumulated. This is also to allow space for new positive energy to fill the space.

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